Nortel Business Phone Systems Gilbert

Developed by Nortel Networks, the Business Communications Manager (BCM) is a VoIP platform designed for small and medium sized businesses. The BCM50 and BCM450 models are the most popular, and can be configured to support up to 200 users. Gilbert Business Phone Systems is the experts in maintaining and troubleshooting this platform; with deep experience we’ve seen it’s scalable to grow as you need – from an intuitive UI all way through its infinite possibilities. If there is anything at all about installing or fixing one of these systems then our technicians will be able help diagnose whatever problem might arise! We’re here to keep your business communication flowing, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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  • Nortel Norstar
  • Nortel Meridian 
  • Nortel BCM 50
  • Nortel BCM 450
  • Nortel MICS
  • Nortel CICS